Flush- A Logan Henderson story 

I got quite a few people who wanted the Logan story so here you go. It’s short but I know you’ll like it! Logan is such a cocky bastard but I love him! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

XOXO Erica (fierce-a-la-mode.tumblr.com)


“Babe, I’ve gotta use the bathroom!” Logan yells at the door while you’re in the shower.

“Dude, go use the toilet in the powder room! I’m kinda in the shower duhhhh!” you reply, rolling you eyes as you continue to finish lathering your body in soap.

“But that’s way downstairs!! And you’ve been in here for like 20 minutes! You have to be done by now!” he whines.

Logan was right, you were almost done. It just aggravated you that he couldn’t just go downstairs to use the other bathroom, rather than rush you out.

“Logan, just go use the bathroom!” you yell once more to him.

Logan’s challenge accepted smile crosses his face as he yells back, “Well don’t mind if I do.”

“What the heck are you doing?!?!” you gasp as he throws open the bathroom door, which you had forgotten to lock, drops his pants, and starts to pee.

He shrugs and continues to pee. “You told me to just go use the bathroom, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

“You know that I meant the one downstairs!” You reply finishing rinsing your body off

“Eh, well maybe you should’ve been a tad more specific. So anyway how’s your shower going?” he asks with a chuckle as he finishes up.

You roll your eyes and say “you are so lucky I love you right now loser.”

You have a glass shower and the fog isn’t doing much to hide your body from him. You catch him eyeing you up and down.

“Logan stop staring at me and get out of the bathroom! You got what you wanted now leave! I’ll be out in a few minutes.” You tell him.

“No. I didn’t get everything that I wanted yet” he says slyly. Then a devilish grin crosses his face and he flushes the toilet.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? HOTTTTT!!!!!!!” you yell as the water goes from being pleasantly warm to freakishly hot. You jump out of the shower dripping wet and realize that in that short amount of time Logan had ripped off all of his clothes and was currently pulling you over to him.

The grin widens on his face as he whispers in your ear “Yes you are hot babe” before pressing you up against the bathroom wall and kissing you vigorously.

He breaks the kisses just for a moment to say “NOW I’ve gotten everything that I want”

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