on that Kendall story :-)

on that Kendall story :-)

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guys breaking your hearts is always a good inspiration into writing stories because you can choose the outcome that you want in it in the end, and that’s what I’m going to do in this story with a big time rush guy.


Everyone should listen to Lego House by Ed Sheeran to understand the story I wrote :) 

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Anonymous asked: What are the next stories going to be about? When will they be posted? They are REALLY awesome, not a day without 'em! :D

Hey :) I’m working on a lot of follow up stories to ones that I already posted like A Sudsy Situation with Logan part 2 and finishing off my last James story. Then I’m starting a Logan story thats going to have multiple parts. I don’t wanna tell you too much about that one but it’s going to be intense!!! I’ll try to post a story sometime today if not def tomoro! Anissa is also working on stuff too!! Thanks for reading out blog!

xoxo Erica

Anonymous asked: Hi! Could you please write a story for Alex (or just a story, not personal) about James in high school?) thanks!))

Yeah, I will! :)) xx

Hey people!! 

Sorry that I’ve like disappeared off of the face of the planet for the past couple of months!!! Seriously I’ve been so busy with life in general that I havent even been on Tumblr at all let alone had time to write stories! But I’M BACK! Expect some killer stories coming soon! I’m working on finishing all of those stories that I started and left you hanging with and I’ve also started a Logan series that I’m excited about!!! SHOUT OUT TO ANISSA FOR STARTING TO WRITE AGAIN EVERYONE MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT HER NEW STORIES AS WELL!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for being so patient!!!

Love you guys!!

XOXO Erica (firece-a-la-mode)

Lego House 

This story is based on ‘Lego House’ by Ed Sheeran. Hope you guys enjoy :) xx

You’ve known your somewhat good friend Logan for a while now, which means you know his ways, likes, and dislikes. Since you’ve met Logan you’ve had a crush on him, but him being a player has stopped you to proceed into being more than just friends.

Out of the blue on a random day that you guys were hanging out at his house you decided that you couldn’t hold your feelings for him any longer, so you decided to let im know how you feel. “Logan, I’ve liked you since I’ve met you, but you being a player has stopped me from letting you know how I feel.” Logan just sat there in shock, trying to take everything in.

With Logan not responding you took that as your cue to leave, as you were near your car Logan shouted, “(Y/N), wait!” You turned, but nothing came out his mouth so you got in your car and left. As you got home you decided to sleep off everything that had happened., but after and hour you couldn’t and you started regretting everything you’ve just had done.

You heard someone singing outside your house, “I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house, if things go wrong we can knock it down.” you decided to go outside and you see Logan singing to you, “My three words have two meanings, there’s one thing on my mind it’s all for you.” you stood there in awe as Logan continued, “…..I’m out of touch, I’m out of love I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down and out of all these things I’ve done I think I love you better now.”

Logan stopped singing and he looked you straight in the eye with those hypnotising dark chocolate eyes and says, “(Y/N), I feel for you since the day I’ve met you, but I had no idea how to cope with my feelings. I hope I’m not-.” You interrupted him and kissed him passionately.

Start of a big time rush? 

I’m sorry I haven’t put anything up, I literally had HORRIBLE writers block…but I’m back, a bit rusty though! Thank you Erica for keeping up with stories when I couldn’t! Xx

You were beyond excited because the day is finally here, you are going to see Big Time Rush in concert. You got up went about your day, mainly chilling at home and blogging in excitement about what you’ll be experiencing tonight. It soon started to hit about 4:30 so you decided to get ready to get to the arena at about 6:30ish. You were done getting ready and you thought you looked magnificent, hopefully one of the boys thinks so too, you thought.

You had gotten to the arena and to your seat a little past 6:30 but it was okay since you didn’t miss anything at all yet. You finally looked around and realised that you were in the first couple of seats, you were wondering how your parents pulled the strings to get this type of seat, but at the moment you were just going to think about the concert and thank your parents later. The show starts at about 7:15 with the opening acts and once it was 8:00 signs that Big Time Rush were going to start their performance. They sang about 5 songs and into their 6th song it was ‘Worldwide’ and this is one of your faves.

You knew that it was ‘Worldwide’ because you saw them bringing out five stools. But before they started to sing the song the whole group was huddled but once they started to sing that song everyone was going wild. It was unusual though, because Kendall sang most of it and when he got the part, ‘Baby, won’t be long you’re the one that I’m waiting on hello, tuck you in every night on the phone, woah’ he kept looking at you and he pointed to you too!

During the chorus Kendall was talking to the security guard and soon enough the security guard told you to follow him and as you did you reached the stage and Kendall pulled you up and sat you right next to him holding your hand and kissing your cheek while the other boys were singing. You heard some mix reactions in the crowd, but you didn’t really care since the guy you’ve been crushing on is showing you his feelings.

As the song finished he whispered into your ear, ‘Don’t listen to them, they’re just jealous that you are the one that will always be my ‘Worldwide girl’. Would you wait for me in my dressing room, I think this could be the start of a big time rush.’ he chuckled while directing you to Ranel to direct you to his room.

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So i completely forgot that this weekend was Mother’s Day Weekend 

So please forgive me for not having time to write part 2 of the James story!!!! But it’ll be up by Tuesday.

I’ll make it up to you guys~!!!!!

xoxo Erica

Anonymous asked: When are you going to post part 2 of the newest James story? I'm dying over here!

LMFAO!!!! Oh anon don’t you know that patience is a virtue?!? JKJK ;) I’ll attempt to post the rest of the story on Friday and if not Friday then def sometime this weekend I promise!!

XOXO Erica <3